Electronic Circuit Protector - ESX10-S, individual adjustment of the current rating from 1 A to 10 A
A new enhanced version of the electronic circuit protector ESX10-S has now become available. It offers various additional 
control, reset and signalling options. This helps to reduce downtimes. Depending on the version, the protector can be switched 
or reset electronically.

Simplify your work:
Flexible design of the DC 24 V protection by plug-in type circuit protectors on modular power distribution systems 
(e.g. SVS16)
Consistent electrical design, as there is only 1 device for all system versions
Ease of system expansion and replacement allows quick reactions
Logistics made easy - 1 unit on stock for all requirements

4 benefits within 1 unit:
Type ESX10-S helps to reduce costs, simplifies planning, electronically protects the loads and can be adjusted individually. 
It's all down to the thumb wheel of the ESX10-S.
Depending on the load current it allows individual adjustment of the current rating from 1 A to 10 A. The following applies: 
max. current = rated current x current limitation factor. Only one trip curve for all types of loads: even if you do not exactly 
know the current consumption of the loads, the current rating can be adjusted directly on the device.

PDF Datasheet

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