Elektronický dvoupólový jistič s nadproudovou ochranou a fyzickým izolačním oddělením pro průmyslové aplikace

The model ESS31-T extends our product group of electronic overcurrent protection devices for DC 24 V applications. At a width

of only 12.5 mm it provides selective protection for all DC 24 V load circuits. This is achieved by a combination of active electronic

current limitation in the event of a short circuit and overload disconnection at typically 1.2 times rated current. The ESS31-T

is track-mountable and provides ease of installation for groups of devices with several circuits. DC 24 V switch-mode power supplies

are widely used in automation today. In the event of an overload, however, they turn down the output voltage which is intended

to power all connected loads. So if there is a failure in a single load of the system, the supply voltage will break down also in all other

load circuits. Not only does this frequently cause undefined fault conditions, but it can even lead to machine stoppages or system


Operating voltage UB DC 24 V (18…30 V)

Current ratings fixed current ratings: 0.5 A, 1 A, 2 A, 3 A, 3,6 A Class  2, 4 A, 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 12 A

Status indication multicolour LED, potential-free auxiliary contacts, condition of the ON/OFF switch

Load output Power-MOSFET and relay switching output with physical isolation, plus- and minus-switching

Overload disconnection typically 1.1 times rated current (1.05…1.35 times rated current)

Short circuit current IK active current limitation typically 1.4 times rated current

Trip times typically 3 s at Iload > 1.1 times rated current typically 100 ms…3 s at Iload > 1.4 times rated current

ON delay tstart typically 0.5 s after each switch-on operation, after reset and after applying operating voltage

Disconnection of load circuit double pole physical isolation

PDF Datasheet

Protection of 24V Systems Guideline

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